Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

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2017 Collection

World Tour Field Jacket, Coat

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Function and Style

Our lightweight L-2B Dragonfly Blood Chit bomber jacket makes a statement and shows off a piece a military tool still used today. Learn how servicemen use the blood chit during missions.

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Ways to Wear

Lynn Hazan is the founder of CHICPEAJC shares her tips for styling the Diplomat Fishtail W.

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What's the Story?

Formal naval aviators got together in DC to share the stories behind their patched-up bomber jackets.

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All in the Details

Our Spring/Summer 2017 Collection is all about lightweight bombers and field coats. Using the L-2B Flight Jacket and M-51 and M-65 Field Coats as inspiration, our designers meticulously and purposefully conceived each detail. Each pocket, zipper, snap, patch and embroidery design is thought out and adds to the utility of the jacket.